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About Us

Hamilton Community Awareness and Emergency Response (CAER) is a community-based volunteer organization that was established in 1980.

Hamilton CAER members plan, practice, and coordinate activities to enhance safe operating practices that reduce the risk of emergency situations that could threaten the Hamilton community.

Hamilton CAER connects with a number of local, provincial and federal agencies and organizations to strengthen communication and coordination in Hamilton's emergency management environment.

Local / Regional
  • City of Hamilton Emergency Planning Committee
  • Hamilton-Oshawa Port Authority
  • Hamilton Fire Department
  • Hamilton Police Service
  • Hamilton Industrial Environmental Association
  • Ontario Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks
  • Emergency Management Ontario
  • Environment & Climate Change Canada
  • Public Safety Canada
  • Transport Canada
  • Canadian Coast Guard

Hamilton CAER members include:

  • Health and Safety Personnel
  • Environmental Officers and Consultants
  • Emergency Planners and Responders
  • Industrial, Operations, and Maintenance Personnel
  • Response Training Companies
  • Response Contractors
  • Federal and Provincial Officers
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