Mission Statement

Mission 1: Prepare

To encourage the development and maintenance of effective emergency response plans within Hamilton industry through information sharing and special projects.

Mission 2: Cooperate

To facilitate the co-ordination of industrial emergency response plans with community and government emergency planning services.

Mission 3: Communicate

To provide a means for local industry to inform the community of the steps taken to prepare and prevent emergencies, thereby increasing awareness to minimize the risks to people, property and the environment should an emergency occur.


The following officers of the group shall be elected for a two-year term at the annual meeting.


  1. Presides at all meetings.
  2. Official representative of the group.
  3. Is not a spokesperson for individual members.

Post Chairperson:

  1. Upon stepping down as the chairperson, the individual will remain part of the executive committee to facilitate the new chairperson position.
  2. The post chairperson can maintain this position for 1 year or the full two year term.

Vice Chairperson:

  1. Shall act for the chairperson in his/her absence.
  2. Shall perform other duties as required.

Secretary – or contract Communications Coordinator:

  1. Shall keep minutes of all meetings.
  2. Shall distribute minutes, agendas and other documents as required to all members.


  1. Shall conduct the financial affairs of the group and keep complete and accurate
    records of the group.
  2. Shall act as the returning officer for elections.

All Members:

  1. Help the executive

Municipal Representative:

  1. To act as a primary contact between the municipal emergency services operations and the Hamilton CAER Group

Working Groups:

  • Shall be arranged to undertake projects as required with a designated chairman to report results to the main group.


Membership in the group shall be granted upon approval of a majority of the members to organizations which agree to the mission of the organization and which have paid the prescribed fees.

Membership Fees

Membership fees shall be determined by the majority of the members at any meeting of the group. Membership fees will be invoiced on January 1st of each year and are due on receipt. New members that sign up after June 1, shall not be responsible for fees till the following year.

Honorary Membership

Shall be deemed so at the discretion of the executive committee.


  • Meetings shall be held at such time, place and frequency as may be determined by the group officers to conduct the business of the group